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Welcome to, a part of creditangel, who has supplied over 20 million U.k. credit reports online to more than 3 million users. By helping people gain general access to their credit details, we help people understand their credit and make financially-wise decisions for future.

I originally signed up on Why am I now seeing creditangel?

Our target is to always supply the very best mode so you can take control of your financial future. is a part of creditangel, and we believe this convert will make it easier than ever before to understand how to harness your credit to work for you.

Where am I supposed to entry my account? Can I keep signing in on on

Yes, you can still sign in on on to access your details at any time. You also have the option to login to your account at

Will checking my credit score report hurt my score?

No. Pulling your own credit report is referred to as a "soft inquiry". Soft inquiries don't impact your credit and don't appear on your credit score.

A "hard checkout " appears on your credit report when a company reviews your credit as part of an application. Having too many hard disquisition could suggest that you're overextending yourself and therefore, could potentially lower your score.

Is this transaction safe?

Yes. The process of sending and receiving your details is hide using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption. This Processing helps ensure that your credit card and other sensitive information are conserved.

What do you do with my personal information?

We take privacy and security very hard. The detail that you supply during the order process is used to verify your identity and remainder in our system. Your credit report and score are picked in our system to be viewed by you on the web. Under no situation will we use, resell, or provide your credit detail to any third-party marketers. If you call one of our Customer Care deputy, they do not see your credit report unless you give them specific allowance to do so. Please see our Privacy Policy for full informations about how we protect the details you submit to us.

Can I get someone else's credit report?

No. It's a federal crime to obtain a copy of someone's credit report without their permission and is punishable by a fine and/or imprisonment.

What is a credit report?

A credit report is a snapshot of your experimentation with credit-related accounts. Direction from some basic personal information, such as your name and address to help identify your personal report, there are three main types of details on your credit report:

Public Records: Court-related details, including bankruptcies, overdue child-supporting , state and county court records, tax liens, monetary judgments, and in some states, money.

Credit Inquiries: Names of trading or individuals that have acquired a copy of your credit report, including lenders, landlords and employers.

Accounts: Payment record on all your Real Estate, Installment, and Revolving Credit Accounts online.